The CCCA is an award-winning non-profit. Established in 2013 by our Founders to bring over five generations of Naval Special Warfare Warriors and their families together since 1964.

We provide Direct and Referral services through our Casualty Assistance Program and its many volunteers. Providing Wellness planning, Educational Assistance, Counseling, Living Assistance, Funerals & Honors, Hospital Visitations, Holiday Cheer Campaign, Community Blood Drives, and Care Packages.

Our Casualty Assistance Program connects our collaborative partners and community via San Diego 211, Courage to Call, Veterans Community Connections, San Diego Veterans Coalition, and the Unite Us platform. We are an educational and historical resource for the Community to ensure accuracy and continuity for generations to come. Our leadership takes no salary, and our organization is the proud recipient of the Guide Star 2020 "Gold," Seal of Transparency Award.

The Mission of the Combatant Craft Crewman Association (CCCA) is to “Preserve the History and Honor the spirit of “Brotherhood” for all those who have supported the Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman, SEALS, and their missions.

We provide Direct and Referral services through our Casualty Assistance Program by providing Wellness Planning, Educational Endeavors, Counseling, Living Assistance, Funerals and Honors, Visitations, Community Blood Drives, and Morale Care Packages.

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President's Welcome Aboard Message

Combatant Craft Crewman Association (CCCA)

Joseph Zemlin
CCCA President & CEO

On behalf of the Combatant-Craft Crewman Association, we thank you for your decision to become a member. We value your commitment to our charitable mission of "Preserving the History and Honoring the Spirit of Brotherhood," which binds us all together. Your participation is vital to our charitable missions of educating the public and strengthening our community through our good works.

You will find that we are passionate about the historical accuracy of our unique community of warriors and their evolution. Our pioneering spirit, tenacity, and unconventional exploits allowed us to operate in some of the most challenging combat environments worldwide. Each generation of Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC) has experienced obstacles to overcome and missions to achieve. Our legacy is our commitment to each other and our families as we build a community of hope and resiliency.

Your tax-deductible financial donations empower us to accomplish our missions. While your participation in local events helps reinforce our commitment to each other. We know from experience that our shared hardships and victories have forged unbreakable bonds of camaraderie.

Let's make sure that your experiences are accurately recorded and never forgotten. We highly encourage you to get together with our Historians and add to our growing archives. Let your story be told and help us keep memories alive. Our Book WARBOATS: 55 years of Combatant Craft was a huge success that we authorized a second printing. Let's ensure we can continue our tradition of educating future generations of the true SWCC history.

We are grateful for your decision to join us. Now let's propel this organization to the next level! Together, we will build a compassionate community that spans generations and advocates for our veterans and their family's wellness.

Very Respectfully,

Joseph Zemlin
CCCA President & CEO


Email: Pres@combatantcraftcrewman.org

Phone: 1(619)922-4022

CCCA Contact Information:

Website:  https://www.combatantcraftcrewman.org

Phone: (619) 933-1159

Email: admin@combatantcraftcrewman.org

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