Ladies Auxiliary

Mission Statement

Ladies Auxiliary Service at Combatant Craft Crewmen’s Association (CCCA)

Purpose: To assist with/provide information and services to CCCA members and its family at the time of a life-changing event in efforts of obtaining a variety of benefits/supports and ease their emotional anguish
The Auxiliary will provide assistance in concurrence with the (Title of the person in charge) of the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer

Veterans Assistance
-Advocate to VA related assistance
Assist with new disability claim proceedings
Finding out proper paperwork to submit
Connect with appropriate VA advocates
Recruit buddy statements from members
Gather consensus from members with similar experience
-Assist with obtaining information about available benefits from the federal, state and local community levels by working with social workers
State family leave
Social Security Administration-disability
Financial consequences
American Cancer Society or equivalent
-Conduit to spiritual supports
Obtain assistance from local spiritual leaders
Gather information about community discussion/focus/ support group meetings
Obtain information about specific religious services
Family Member Assistance
-Emotional supports to caregivers
Gather information about available support groups in the region
Connect members with others who have had similar experience
Visit home/office/hospital to provide relief from providing care
Assist with minor cares
Support special arrangements – children, pets, special equipment
Assistance/guidance to funeral arrangements
-Coordination of emergency contact
Utilization of CCCA web-site
Assist in locating people to inform the life-changing event
-Financial Assistance
Help set up mode for fund-raising
Gather information about available assistance from the Department of Navy
(i.e. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society)